Artificial intelligence for enhanced business insights

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intelligent insights management

built by researchers who knew there was a better way

enhanced analysis

Artificial intelligence digs deeper to make the most of your research, even long after it's complete.

comprehensive organization

A robust infrastructure means you can sort, search, and synthesize data and projects in one single system built to eliminate boundaries.

insights lake

Insights Lake is where your research goes to thrive. Supported by artificial intelligence, Insights Lake holds your research and allows you to quickly tag documents, organize by project, and search across all the research in your organization.

With everything in one place, it’s easier than ever to make use of every insight ever gathered.

centralized access to all your research
robust searching across and within all documents
simple tag and folder structure

sizzle reels

Every study has high points, so Stream has Sizzle Reels. Creating audio, video, and text Snippets all at once from any transcript is as easy as highlighting text. In addition to saving you time, this intuitive process adds depth and richness to your research.      

multiple snippet formats from a single action
automatic respondent
inclusion of original
document tags

dynamic design

Our focus on the market research industry means we're always improving capabilities and adding functionality to keep pace with your needs.

If you're here, it's probably for you.

Whether you’re a global enterprise or a market research agency, gaining control of your research opens new possibilities.

enterprise companies

Stream eases communication when projects are in play, helps you cross product lines and divisions with universal search, and gives marketing quick access to your organization’s full research catalog.

This means your insights are never lost, only built upon. With all this data at your fingertips, you can quickly uncover trends, inform future research, and take control of every insight.

market research companies

Stream’s intuitive organization and direct approach to helping you access every meaningful insight allows you to better serve your clients. With your full research history all in one place, new projects achieve greater reach and old projects take on new life.

Advanced AI capabilities help your team organize, analyze, and connect the dots in an entirely new — and smarter — way.

Stream is ready.

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